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Home Made Banana Bread Small Loaf
自家制香蕉麵包 尊享版



Small Loaf 自家制香蕉麵包 尊享版


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Taste of Home…Taste of Australia~
   It’s been a while since Chef Balala and his wife have returned to Hong Kong from Sydney and what they have missed the most is not only the beautiful weather, but also their delicious banana bread! For many Aussies, it is a daily treat and while Hong Kong is home to many amazing cafes, sadly there is not one cafe here that has replicated the taste of a genuine, classic Aussie banana bread.
   It was during the epidemic in Hong Kong that Balala Bread was founded by avid foodie Chef Balala, who saw the opportunity to bring his dream to life with the help of an Australian Chef’s recipe to introduce Aussie Banana bread to Hong Kong’s culinary scene. After countless hours of perfecting the recipe through the careful selection of the best ingredients, hours of mixing and baking and taste-testing by many foodie friends and industry giants, our Balala Bread was finally born!
   A truly traditional classic Aussie flavour combined with Hong Kong’s preference for low sugar treats. Balala’s banana bread is moist, not overly sweet and is made from the freshest ingredients giving it the most delicious banana flavour and is perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while having a yummy treat. It is perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert with ice cream on the side. Balala is an irresistable treat for day or night!
Here are two recommended ways to taste our Balala bread:
1. Cut a thick slice and bite immediately – the traditional Aussie way ^_^
2. Cut a thick slice and toast in the oven. Crispy on the outside, warm and moist on the inside. The delicious texture and delightful banana aroma will fill your surrounding areas creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
(Tip: Balala bread is a perfect match with coffee or our Balala Hong Kong style milk tea!!)
   Don’t be fooled by the “home-made” look of our Balala bread, we spend our heart and soul on creating the ultimate banana bread with only the freshest ingredients. Balala bread uses only 100% natural, quality ingredients with no artificial colours, MSG, syrup or preservatives. It is absolutely the real deal!


Chef Balala同太太從悉尼回流香港幾年, 最掛住就係澳洲style嘅Banana Bread; 喺香港試過好多間Cafe, 但始終都揾唔到心目中地道嘅banana bread味道~
   疫情問題待港期間, 識飲識食又為食到不得了嘅Chef Balala趁空閒時間, 參考一位澳洲師傅嘅recipe, 開始用心自家製作Banana bread; 經過不斷反覆試驗, 嚴選食材, 加上識食又腌尖嘅朋友品嘗後建議, 一個既保持澳洲經典風味, 又同時適合香港人口味嘅Balala Bread終於誕生!
   Balala Bread既能保留香蕉香味, 但又減低普遍西式糕點偏甜問題, 無論做早餐、下午茶, 抑或飯後甜品配上雪糕, 都非常適合, 仲好健康添!
1. 切片即食會比較濕潤, 係經典澳洲口味.
2. 切片後放入焗爐焗熱, 會有外脆內軟嘅感覺, 香味四溢, 絕對係香港人喜歡嘅口味.
   雖然Balala Bread外表平平無奇, 但係絕對真材實料, 絶非坊間「空氣麵包」能夠相比. 食完一啖, 就會有連食幾塊嘅衝動;配上Chef Balala鍾愛嘅自家制港式樽仔奶茶, 簡直係錦上添花!


Min order $100.
*Free MTR main/interchange station delivery (金鐘, 尖沙咀, 太子, 九龍塘, 沙田,北角, 荃灣).
*Under $350, +$50 door to door delivery.
*Over $350 free door to door delivery.


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