AGE-X PRO NMN COMBO 12000 尊貴版復方健康食品



AGE-X PRO NMN COMBO 12000 尊貴版復方健康食品

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AGE-X NMN PRO COMBO (12000mg) with AstaReal® (4500mg) and ImFlago® (6000mg)

• ImFlago® 肝臟保護 : 獨家配方ImFlago®,保護肝臟、預防肝損傷,調理血脂異常。
• 高效提升體內NAD+濃度: 激活長壽蛋白Sirt1~7,修復DNA損傷,提升體內細胞活力。
• 加強免疫力: 提高睡眠品質,平衡免疫系統,穩固身體機能。
• 心腦功能: 保護心腦血管,提升血管彈性、減少腦神經突觸損耗、改善心腦功能。
• 身體機能: 緩解運動疲勞,提升運動耐力,增強關節與肌肉靈活度。

• Currently the most effective anti-aging product
• 99.9% purity NMN to rejuvenate your body
• AstaRealⓇ (Astaxanthin) extracted using cutting-edge technology
• Harvard research-based and scientifically-proven formula
• Made in Japan with GMP/HACCP standard
• 100% Natural, 0 hormones, 0 preservatives

• Aids liver protection (Only ÂGE-X Pro)
• Improves immunity
• Boosts NAD+ levels in the body efficiently
• Improves cardiac and cerebral functions

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AGE-X PRO NMN COMBO 12000 尊貴版復方健康食品


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