Importance Of Recycled Products

What is the importance of using reUSABLE Products

This article explain clearly and brefly about why we should be using recyccling products

"By 2040, our environmentally destructive habits will put the planet on an altered course of history that it won't be able to turn back from."
- Naturecode.org

According to recent statistics, there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean and the number is gradually increasing day by day. Is there a way out? There certainly is – by switching to using reusable items. By reusing, we can decrease the burden we put on the landfill as we are generating less trash. But that’s not it. Reusing is also about reducing your waste, water usage, and other materials to mitigate your carbon footprint, and as a result, extending our mother Earth’s lifespan.

By reusing glass bottles, freezer bags, or even switching to cloth materials rather than plastics, we are already cutting down the number of non-biodegradable items that are going to landfills, and eventually, we can reduce carbon emissions as factories are producing less harmful products to the environment.

After all, plastics are the worst as they are generally non – degradable. It hurts us, our wildlife, marine life, and the entire environment. Therefore, the next time you hold a plastic product in your hand, think twice about how you are getting rid of it.

Be Nature-Friendly

If you want to be environmental-friendly, start by going paperless and recycling more. The less paper you consume, the fewer trees are produced and cut down for paper manufacture.

According to recent research, you are able to save 17 mature trees by recycling 1 ton of paper. 


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